Tree Pruning St Austell

We provide tree pruning in St Austell, Bodmin, Lostwithiel, Fowey, Par, Liskeard, Wadebridge, Truro, Newquay and the surrounding areas of Cornwall at low prices. From shaping ornamental trees and form pruning of young trees, to fruit tree pruning to ensure you get a good crop, our dedicated team of tree specialists provide expert services you can rely on. For further information, advice or to arrange tree pruning in Cornwall, please get in touch with the team.

Formative Pruning

Formative pruning is recommended for young trees and shrubs. Form pruning is the process of regular trimming to help the plant take the desired form. Pruning of deciduous trees is recommended in winter, while evergreen trees are best pruned in April when they are just beginning to experience a high growth rate following the winter.

Our team can provide expert advice and provide you with a 5-year maintenance schedule for formative pruning. To find out how we can help you, please get in touch.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit tree pruning is essential to ensure you maximise the quality and quantity of your crop. Our team of tree specialists have extensive knowledge of all fruit tree species. As a result, we can provide professional fruit tree services for both commercial and private clients.

Whether you have newly planted or established fruit trees, our team have the skill and know-how to ensure it is pruned correctly according to its age. For example, regular pruning is essential for young trees as it will encourage good leader growth and optimal scaffold branches. This will help to form the required canopy shape where light can enter, and air can circulate. It will also help to promote flowering.

Between the age of one and three years, pruning will ensure branches do not rub or cross over. This will help to encourage fruiting branches while increasing the strength and organisation of the scaffold branches.

Once a tree is three years or older, as long as the tree has been trained correctly, it should only need maintenance pruning. Maintenance pruning will be required to reduce downward branches, deadwood and waterspouts.

Crown Reduction, Crown Raising and Thinning

Our team can perform crown reduction, crown raising and thinning for all species of tree. This type of tree surgery is ideal for maintaining tree shape, allowing light flow and keeping branches clear from overhanging lines or traffic below.

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For more information on our tree pruning in St Austell, Bodmin, Lostwithiel, Fowey, Par, Liskeard, Wadebridge, Truro, Newquay and the surrounding regions of Cornwall, please contact us. We can arrange a visit to provide a survey, recommend the best maintenance schedule and provide a no-obligation quotation.